Cookie Policy: Extended Notice on Cookies

Cookies composed of sections of code installed within the browser to provide service & support to their owners in any way whatsoever for the purposes. A few of the significant purposes of the installation of the Cookies may also need the consent of the user.

Tech Cookie Serving Aggregated Insights For Statistical Purposes

Strictly required activity for basic service functioning

This app utilizes ‘Cookies’ to save/extract user’s session & execute other mandatory activities for the successful operation, for instance Traffic-related distribution!!

Preferences Saving Activity, optimization & Stats

‘Cookies’ currently being used by this app for saving browsing information & to upgrade browser experience to optimize user performance. Among all these, Cookies set-up a language/currency or for first party management; stats directly employed by Supreme Plugins.

Other forms of Cookies or Third-Party apps/tools that may use them

Few services detailed below gather aggregated figures & doesn’t require the user consent or being directly managed by the owner –depends on style of description — without third-party app support. This is only tom upgrade pour services and provide better services to visitors in order to serve them better.

If any services operated by a third-party being listed among the tools/apps below, these could be used to track/record the browsing habits of users – moreover, to any other information specified elsewhere herein without the site owner’s knowledge. For more detailed information kindly refer to the ‘listed’ policies of the services!


The contained services in that specific section allow the brand owners to analyse/monitor web traffic as well as could be used for user-behaviour tracking! We make reports which pages are accessible easily and which pages are not accessible. We try to make everything available within 3 clicks.

Google Analytics Technology[Google Inc.]

Google Analytics is the most widely used free analytics service provided through Google. Google uses the collected data to track this application-use, to make reports summarizing its activities as well as share such reports with some of their services!

Google might use the collected data to personalize & contextualize ads appealing directly on its own ad network! We use Google Analaytics only to analyze the behavior of visitors. We do not track anyone.

Collected Personal Data

Data Collection| Usage & Cookies

Processing location | U.S

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Connect with External Social Networking Sites/Platforms

Usually, this kind of services allow meaningful social interactions directly from specific web pages application. The information obtained by this app has always been a touchy subject towards the privacy settings of a user for every social network! This type-specific service may still gather data of actual traffic for specific pages where service has been installed even if users don’t use it!

Facebook ‘like’ button & social-media widgets [Facebook, Inc. (FB)]

Facebook’s “like” button & social-media widgets are cloud services offering interactions & allowing users to be able to observe & provide feedback via Facebook networking site!

Collected Personal Data

Data Collection| Usage & Cookies

Processing location | U.S

Online Data Privacy Policy

Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ button & social-media widgets[Twitter]

Twitter-owned (Tweet) service that offers more interactive & focused engagement via ‘Tweeter’ social network!

Collected Personal Data

Data Collection| Usage & Cookies

Processing location | U.S

Online Data Privacy Policy

Google’s “+1” button & social-media widgets [Google,Inc.]

Google Plus 1 button service allows for the same sort of pleasant interaction via Google+ social networking!

Collected Personal Data

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Online Data Privacy Policy

Management & Feed work of RSS

With these services specific application dramatically manages both RSS feeds along with distribution of online content depend greatly upon the characteristics of service being used. Such services can be used to insert advertisements within their content & to collect their statistical data!

Google’s Feedburner

Feedburner is a service from Google which allows you to promote your RSS feed to a wider audience & sees statistics on how many people subscribe to your podcast. Feedburner uses the RSS feed and gives you a feedburner URL to hand out to subscribers.

Collected Personal Data

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How to manage ‘Cookies’ installation?

Additionally, to what already specified within this document, Users can opt-out the and can easily manage ‘Cookies’ preferences directly from the browser –for instance—to prevent third-party interference. You can control cookies through your browser settings; it’s possible to remove previously installed Cookies as well including the ones that could probably have saved verified consent for Cookies installation through this site. It’s crucial to note that enabling all Cookies; may cause functional or performance issues. To get more detailed information regarding Cookies process management—check links –Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Windows Explorer &Apple Safari.

If it includes third-party service providers, User has the right to withdraw or modify consent to process of information, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy (third-party) and the User Agreement, by changing your Settings / by clicking on opt out link (if any) by connecting with third-party!

Above all, the owner notifies that users will be able to take benefit of: YOC (Your Online Choices); a user extension to protect cookie-relevant choices regarding “OBA” (online behavioural advertising) which substantially protect choices by providing a safeguard against accidental deletions of cookies. One significant resource which simply can’t be ignored!

Since third-party cookies installation along with other tracking/verifying systems being used in this App; it’s simply can’t be under Owner’s personal control, any particular references towards Cookies as well as third parties established tracking devices need to be carefully considered as indicative. To access detailed info, consult with third-party service providers listed in site document!

Performing complex object linked to digital data identification towards Cookies & more closely integrated data with web operation, users get encouraged to connect with the Owner in order to receive additional information about the use of ‘Cookies’!

Specify legal definitions & references

Personal Data

Particularly, data regarding a legal person, natural person, an association/institution; which can be discovered; even indirectly in form of other reference sources of information including a PIN (Personal Identification Number)

User Data

The person using this online app,needs to coincide with or must be data subject authorized, to whom the information actually refers.

Data Subject

The natural person or legal person to whom the information refers.

Data Supervisor/Processor

Any natural person/legal entity/public-administration or authorized association; data processor to manage the personal details in compliance under this privacy policy!

Data Owner/Controller

Any natural person/legal entity/public-administration or authorized association; another “data controller” to oversee decision-making regarding appropriate methods/purposes towards processing & storing personal data along with the protective measures concerning the security & use of such application. The data controller; (unless otherwise expressly specified), is actually the owner.


The key pieces of information stored on the user’s device!