Q. Why am I unable to pay with PayPal, despite having sufficient funds in my account?

A. Are you facing issues creating a separate subscription, despite having sufficient balance in your account?

Fear not! We’d prefer to find a quick solution; all recurring payments are restricted by PayPal unless you own a credit card/bank account directly ‘linked’ to it with sufficient funds to pay of course.

For that reason, online transactions hardly guaranteed to work the way it’s intended to: even if you’ve hundreds of dollars into your respective ‘PayPal’ account; conditionally if you do not own a linked credit card, then you won’t be eligible to pay a subscription fee. So let’s check it out whether your standard credit card linked to uninterrupted recurring payments…and what if it’s not?

to your “PayPal” account and check over general “settings”

Now navigate to “Payments”

When at this page, double-click ‘Preapproved Payments’.Here, you will witness a new tab; containing all such pre-approved/recurring payments which are LIVELY active into your account. At this page click Set Available Funding Sources.Here, check respective bank account/credit card statements that already being set as a source for such payments. PayPal to repeatedly obtain additional funds from registered depository participant first [Bank]; but if one prefers to make one-time/recurring payment; “minimum one” linked credit card with sufficient funds is mandatory code for all users, so let’s take a realistic look at that too:


Sometimes despite PayPal linking to standard credit card; function being flagged with “expired funds” or “out of funds”. Make a point to disable all saved card options highlighting no funding source and skip active ones. Make [1-3] stable attempting to configure a payment after this.

No Bank Account/Card linked to PayPal? No Problem, it can be linked by using “Wallet”

At this page select link up a card/bank account. This step would contribute to closing the current page and opening a new page — enables you to instantly enter your credit-card details:

While linking PayPal with Bank Account, you will need an International Bank Account Number(IBAN):


Adding an online permitting system like PayPal transaction may take an extra few days. To cross-verify only you’re the legit owner of specific bank account/credit card; PayPal will setup a [4-digit] transaction code to confirm your [credit] card by issuing a notification asking you to enter for security verification.

Now repeat earlier procedure to ensure card/bank account now being accepted as e-funds source.

You must now be allowed to proceed with digital subscription entity using PayPal. If you encounter any weird issues through the payment processing system; Please feel free to contact us here.

Q. How to renew a license online?

A. There are two different ways to renew your license, depending upon purchased products. For non-subscription products, renewal is relatively easy at the top of “My Account Page”. By double-clicking on My License Subscriptions you’ll spot list of purchased products without any subscriptions, to follow proper procedure click on the “Renew” button!

For subscription-based products [except annual Club subscription], auto-renewal contracts will be occurred. Also, be sure to verify that respective credit-card is non-expired and has sufficient funds [pre-due date] for renewing the contract. In case of expired or non-sufficient funds; make essential changes straight from cards’ “My Account” page.

Q. I can’t find license activation key that I bought a while back. Where to find it?

A. If you’ve recently acquired any products before [26 January 2016]; you can avail standard customer services related to servicing options, paying premium, processing a claim and so on [services only offered with license] until 26 January 2017. Additionally, you don’t need to buy it repeatedly to obtain a fresh license key, as automatic activation feature has been included by system for a specified time.

Only after 26 January 2017, in-lieu, if you wish to avail support or additional updates you required to purchase another license with activation keys. For more details check your [YIThemes account] section.

Q. Can I renew a ‘Lifetime’ license?

A. No, there’s no specific lifetime formula currently available.

Q. My old license legally expired. Should I continue using the product?

A. Undoubtedly, you can still properly use the baseline product without any official updates or support from the core team. A valid product key is mandatory for availing frequent updates and services for purchased plugins/themes!

Q. Should I need to pay full price again for renewing my expired license?

A. Yes, definitely!

Q. If I purchase a site-specific provincial license can it be used in multiple sites?

A. With a site-specific license you more likely to get add-on related updates and activities only for “Single installation“!

Q. How to fix common PayPal error?

A. “Sorry, we’re experiencing unusual difficulties. Try again soon. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. If this technical fault occurred while processing payment, avoid potential duplicate payments as quickly as possible by verifying your “Account Overview” before re-transferring a payment.

As one of the few browsers that continues to resolve this issue by deleting/removing cookies.[Error 3005]

If you encounter an error message when attempting to make a PayPal payment, please clear your web browser’s cache, cookies, and history and then try again!

Q.How to download dummy content for theme development?

A. We’ve a ready-to-go “dummy-content” file that can make your website look just like the theme demo in just few seconds. You can easily upload the same posts/pages/images you viewed in the demo. It can be downloaded from the official Support Forum website! For accessing the forum network, use same credentials previously used for purchasing the theme.

Q.How to change theme language?

A. Now that all themes are ready and localized with GNU “gettext” support, which means each theme contains “one .po” file that covers all English Patient terms, enabling you translate themes into any language much faster than ever before with cutting-edge translation & localisation solutions.

Q.All themes support only latest ‘WordPress’ version?

A. Yes, it’s our responsibility to keep themes regularly updated and using Pro [WP] Version with faster performance and new features. All themes are crafted in a more fine-tuned way for WP 3.0.0 or higher; any prior version might have detected issues with few theme functionalities.

Q.Will your theme's support my plugins?

A. Yes, our themes support the most essential plugins for your business website. However, Under NO circumstance we guarantee the ultimate support functionality of any system. Some plugins exploits JavaScript frameworks and libraries, which may effectually conflict with theme’s libraries; performance on each of the themes can be affected. There’re thousands of freely and commercially plugins available, unfortunately we cannot test each of them with our related themes.

Q.What is the role of your technical support?

A. After the licence manually activated, you granted right to access epic ‘Support Platform’ for nearly the entire period of lucrative licence contract. Many multi-media video tutorials/ step by step video guides continue to keep you updated and simplify troubleshoot virus-associated issues!

Use same credentials previously used for purchasing the theme for log-in: define the tech-related ethical issues and core-team will deliver a ready-to-go solution within 1-2 working days.

Q.Should I include ‘Inspiration logo’ in website’s footer?

A. No, remove the any theme credits from footer.

Q.Can I exclude footer credit-link from template?

A. Yes, modify your theme footer and disable an inactive credit-line. Still, we recommend you ripen into a consort member and spread out your affiliate links to the best places. Every purchase from referred link will get you [whopping] 40% of affiliate commissions.

Q.Are themes’ applicable to commercial projects?

A. Definitely! It’s highly appreciated if you use our themes for any project, personal or commercial for business development.

Q.Any essential tools for testing your themes’ cross-browser compatibility?

A.Each of our theme lines authoritatively tested over Internet Explorer [like version 9- 10- 11], latest Firefox, Chrome and Safari versions that only support the classic system. As for specialized technical work within the operating systems and browsers, our themes mainly work independently within its lay outs well if it’s installed correctly. Internet Explorer [6-IE6] not supported on this operating system. So, if you’re using Internet Explorer [like version 6, 7, 8]; please cogitate upgrading volume[s] to the latest version of the Internet Explorer to experience best-in-class theme performance.