Some personal identifying information is being collected about its users by SUPREMEPLUGINS.COM

Classification to a Collection of Data

Among different personal types of data which is being collected by this Application, on its own or from a third party, holds: Cookies, full name, e-mail address, usage data and demographics of the user.

Other Personal details collected are surely being descripted among this standard policy’s separate sections or by plausible explanation ‘text’ contextual with collecting data.

The personal details may possibly shared by users, or gathered automatically while availing this ‘Application’.

We do not sell this information to any third party in any case whatsoever. We only collect information to make the accessibility better.

Any utilization of Cookies or real-time diverse tracing tools –with this ‘Application’ used to mean this website(, unless otherwise stated, servers in order to identify a user & remember their priorities, with a sole purpose to provide quality service to its affiliate users.

Failure to deliver access to certain Personal details can make this ‘Application’ problematic enough to offer its remarkable services.

Data Processing ‘Mode’ & ‘Place’

Processing Methods

The user-data being processed by a data controller in a fair manner while implementing conventional security measures necessary action to block unauthorized access/alteration, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of Data.

The ‘Data’ processing cycle is being carried out operating computers or tech-enabled security tools, ensuing strict organizational modes & procedures among other purposes indicated. Additionally, in few cases, administrators can access user data, associated with site-operations (system-administration, marketing, sales, legal) or third-party access from External support like TSPs , hosting providers, mail carriers, communication agencies, companies etc.) assigned as data controllers for processing data by the ‘owner’.


The ‘Data’ officially being processed via Data Processor’s offices or other located in areas permitted to backend data processing. For more details, please connect with the Data-Controller.

Retention Period

We keep the data in temporary storage for minimal amount of time as per “user-requested” service or set by outlining purposes and end-user’s requests for ‘Data Controller Suspension’ or ‘Data Removal’ are always granted.

Ethical Uses of Collected Data

The ‘Data’ concerning multiple end-users being collected specified for the specified service level targets:

External interaction with numerous social networking platforms. Connecting with End-Users, analytics, RSS feed, Performance-based content, A/B split-testing feature, handling contacts, forwarding messages as well as managing payments.

A detailed privacy policy, outlining what info was being collected & for what purpose, with a clear & prominent button or hyperlink into the specified sections of related document.

Notification of Personal Data Processing

Personal info is being collected towards following primary objectives regarding this service:

Report Analyzes

Services containing under this section officially allow the administrator to analyze & monitor web traffic on performance metrics & can also be utilized towards keeping track of users in order to serve them better and provide them expediently what they are looking for.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, a web analytics service operated by Google( of which parent company is Alphabet) uses the personal collected data to track & catechize the appropriate use of this ‘website’ to draft report summarizing its activities/analysis for task & share it with multiple Google services.

Collected data can be used by Google for contextualization & personalization of ads within its dedicated ad networks. We can not control what Google collects and we take however now responsibility of it.

Connecting with User

Get your contact form (This App)

By filling out the online contact form with relevant data, a user gets an authorization to use such information to respond to RFI (Request For Information), quotes & any sort of petition as instructed by form’s owner.

Content Completion & testing features (A/B split-testing)

Services containing under this section officially allow end-users to analyze & track the user’s response towards web traffic on performance or user-related behavioural changes, text or any such top-level App-Component.

Google Website Optimizer

Google Optimize offers AB testing, website testing & personalization tools for better user experience.

Personal data can be used by Google for effective personalized & contextualized advertising on its own programmatic ad network!

Personal Details Collected

Usage online Cookies data

Payment Handling

Payment gateway services allow this ‘Application’ to accept payments using a variety of methods including: bank transfer, credit cards and all the major cryptocurrencies. To ensure better user-security, only required information is being shared on this Application in order perform trade finance transaction through a series of encrypted & secure digital contracts.

While there exist a few basic functionalities that enable sending scheduled text messages to end-users repeatedly including e-mail messages containing invoices & payment push alerts!

PayPal (@PayPal Inc.)

PayPal’s services allow buyers to make financial transactions online through PayPal API credentials!

Personal Details Collected

Multiple ‘Data’ as defined in the privacy statement for service.

Visible & Latent Interactions in Online Social Networks

This key element allows service to experience the social interactions through most influential social media or other similar platforms straight from the ‘Application’ pages!

The information obtained during the interaction through the ‘Application’ has always been subject to user’s privacy & security settings for all social networks!

This service type may still cover traffic data-gathering activities for site pages where this service being configured as an Application.

Facebook ‘Like’ button & social sharing widgets [Facebook, Inc. (FB)]

The FB ‘Like’ button & sharing widgets are simple elements, allowing users easy Facebook interactions over time offered by Facebook. Facebook may use your data for targeted ads and in no way whatsoever we can not control it. However, we also do not take any responsibility for it.

Twitter ‘Tweet’ button & sharing using Twitter

The Twitter ‘Tweet’ button & sharing widgets are elements allowing users unique tweet interactions within ‘Twitter’ social network.

Google+ 1 share button widgets by Google

Google+1 button & sharing widgets are elements allowing users effective & accurate interactions at social networking with Google plus share button.

Handling Contacts & Schedule Messages

This service type makes database management tremendously convenient, in terms of e-mail address, phone numbers, mailing addresses & much more in order to connect with the end-user.

This service type has been collecting date & time data simultaneously when a message being particularly viewed by end-user, including time-details of user-interaction.

Management RSS Feeds

This service type permits the ‘Application’ to handle RSS feeds along with providing multiple options when it comes to distributing their content with audience. Depending upon the characteristics & attributes of used service, this service type can also be used towards inserting ads into their content & to collect data statistics.

Google’s Feedburner

FeedBurner is Google’s top RSS feed management service that offers feed reader & e-mail subscription choices, tracks analytics, & optimizes the feed for viewing device along with inserting ads on it.

Further details regarding personal data

Selling products & services online

The personal details collected used extensively to offer ‘A-class’ services to the end-user or to sell products, including settlement & conceivable delivery .

The personal details collected to cover the payment settlements through credit card, bank transfer among other traction methods. The set of ‘Data’ gathered by this ‘Application’ depending upon the system used for payment.

Cookie Policy

Cookies being used by this Application. To discover more info about a complete ‘cookie’ notice, consult with Cookie Policy.

Additional info regarding Data collection, processing & analysis

Reserved legal activity

User’s private details can be used in legal terminology by the Data Processor, at court or into stages inclined to viable legal action rising from inappropriate use towards this ‘Application’ or affiliated services.

The applicant declares to be fully aware that Data Processor could be asked to reveal private data on certain public request.

Additional info regarding User’s Private Data

Apart from the info contained within this privacy notice, this ‘Application’ may deliver the end-user with more advanced contextual capabilities concerning specific services or comply with gathering & processing of Private Data on request.

Backup & maintenance of logs

For operation, maintenance & protection purposes, this ‘Application’ may automatically record certain log file information (app device interaction) or use Personal Data for such purposes including IP Address. We use this to block certain IP which misuse our services.

Exclusions contained in this policy

Additional information regarding collection or lawful processing of Private Data can be requisitioned through the ‘Data Controller’ within a day.. Contact info can be found to the beginning of the document.

Users’ Lawsuit Rights

End-user possess the right, on demand, to cognize whether their Private Data is being stored & can discuss with the ‘Data Controller’ to know FAQs regarding their respective origin & contents, to verify data accuracy or ask all end-users to be updated, corrected, cancelled, supplemented or transformation of self in anonymous format to protect privacy or to block the violation of users privacy. Requests will then be forwarded to ‘Data Controller’ at contact details set out in the paragraph above.

We do not track anyone, neither we use AI or any other tools like that to boost sales. However, we use the help of advertising platforms like google and Facebook which in turn may or may not use Artifical Intelligence.

Privacy Policy Updates

The Data Processor holds power to make official changes into the privacy policy anytime by delivering the official proclamation on respective site. Hence, it’s highly recommended to explore the page often; referring to “last updated” or “last modified date” being listed in the bottom. In any User express disapproval of latest changes being made to long-standing policy, the end-user may discontinue using SupremePlugins immediately and submit a petition to Data Controller asking “extract private data”. You can use the contact form and all the info related to a particular user will be deleted within 72 hours from the database.

Legal definitions & references

Personal Data

Particularly, data regarding a legal person, natural person, an association/institution; which can be discovered; even indirectly in form of other reference sources like order number, first name, last name, order ID, email address or telephone number.

Data Usage

Information is automatically collected through website using widgets stated above, which may contain: a domain name or Internet protocol (IP) address used by ISP’s domain name server (or Application end-user), URL address, request time, technique being used to send a request to web server, the file-size being acquired in response, the number code expressly indicating a fresh status on multiple servers Answer ( successful results, error & so on), country-of-origin, the browser’s features, end-user operating system, page views per visit & time on site (e.g. average time spent over each page/per visit with this ‘Application’) as well as the ‘path’ details being followed inside the Application along with specific reference upon sequence regarding visited pages.


The individual taking advantage of this ‘Application’, which conditioned to be coinciding with or need to be authorized on Data Subject, to whom any information refers.

Data Subject

The natural person or legal person to whom the information refers.

Data Supervisor/Processor

Any natural person/legal entity/public-administration or authorized association; data processor to manage the personal details in compliance under this privacy policy!

Data Owner/Controller

Any natural person/legal entity/public-administration or authorized association; another “data controller” to oversee decision-making regarding appropriate methods/purposes towards processing & storing personal data along with the protective measures concerning the security & use of such application.

The App

The hardware as well as software tool through which users’ personal data is collected in the case it is the hosting where the website is hosted at the moment.


The key pieces of information stored on the user’s device. You can read the full document related to cookie policy here.