At ‘SUPREME PLUGINS’, we seek to deliver on our promises and reaffirm our prime commitment of keeping client’s satisfaction as our #1 priority. Please approach us with any queries or concerns that you may have and we’ll try to assist in any way we can. You only have to go through ‘support CONTACT US’ anytime you need help.

We are constantly striving for making the Return/Exchange process relatively simple and hassle-free. Simply follow the return instructions included with respective shipment. Please connect with our fully trained Receiver/Return Specialists to clear all the doubts.

Refund Request

If you feel that acquiring an item wasn’t the correct decision and it’s virtually not suiting your needs resulting expectation gap, we really want to put things right. Within a 30-day span, Supreme Plugins will refund the purchase price and will fully reimburse its business customers for any losses incurred.

Make a Refund Request on all plugins, extensions and themes. To ensure timely response, please provide any reasonable explanation for a refund in the form. We would like to review the procuring process and identify areas for improvement. Refunds can only be issued on items purchased in the past 30 days.

Refund Exceptions

No refund will be granted on:

Supreme Plugins subscription – since it’s a perfect set of solutions at an extremely accessible price one for which cancellations are allowed any time. Hence, we strongly discourage direct purchases for destructive [testing purposes], whereas agreeably inviting you to experiment our innovative plugins through the live demonstration;

Payment Refunds

If you’re approved, then respective refund to be processed automatically, and credit will be automatically applied to related [credit card] or original payment method within 7-to-10 business days depends on negotiations/approval.

We always do refund in any case whatsoever in which we know customer is not satisfied with our product but we strongly discourage practices which try to take advantages of our platform.