Terms and Conditions

You are accessing Supreme Plugins and you will be abiding by the terms and conditions of our Supremeplugins.com. If in any case you do not wish to abide by the terms and conditions you must not access Supremeplugins.com.

By using this website (Supremeplugins.com) and you will have to abide Terms and Conditions before downloading any available products/materials from supreme plugins. Our terms and conditions changes from time to time and you must review at least in a month or two. You may use this website or continue to use only if you agree with these terms & conditions only. We reiterate this because it is important.

All the copyrights, trademarks are the property of respective owners. You acquire no rights or licenses in or to the website other than the limited right to use the site solely in accordance with these terms and conditions. Other than as set out below, you must not modify, reproduce, copy, display, publish, perform, distribute, or in any other way exploit any part of the website.

You are responsible for your own communications and for any consequences of those communications. You will not use the site in terms of any illegal activity and you will not post, send or approve any private information that is libelous, defamatory, profane, obscene or otherwise unlawful or litigious. If you do not agree to the Terms, you unable to access or otherwise use the Services.

1. Rights to Limit Liability

Under any circumstances, you must not neglect, nor shall your Themes be responsible for all direct/indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive (including, without limitation, lost profits) or any other damages, soaring from your use, your inability to use the products (that mainly includes extensions, plugins and themes), regardless of the possibilty of damage. Furthermore, You can not use or misuse the products on the website for personal non commercial use(i.e you can not sold it to any other person). This explicitly states that you can not use the products feasibly otherwise which is not been authorized by supreme plugins.

2. License

We’re selling digital goods on WordPress, refers to open-source blogging software published under the GNU General Public License –http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

2.a Renewal of license

This is open source platform. We do not offer license for the plugins, extensions and themes and you can not ask for it after the purchase. However, we update the plugins periodically and you can download it by login to your account from Supreme Plugins Account

3. Significant “Software-Updates”

If you have paid for a product you will get updates for it from time to time. You can also subscribe to our newsletter.

4. Extra Support Services

Our team works for at least 12-24 hours in a day and we provide support to our paid customers. We will help you if you need so.

5. Refunds

Having problems with your extensions/themes? Allow us to check & fix any problem you’re facing more quickly in order to reduce mean time. In case of unfixable problems or incompatibility issues with third-party, you will be entitled to a full-fee refund in 30-days after the purchase. After-1-Month, no refunds to be provided. Before granting you refund, you must give us a second chance to fix the co-occurring issue by contacting us.

Note: Refund may not be granted if you personally determine not to use already available products. We will stand behind all our high quality products & guarantee effective problem solving, but vice-versa hope you understand the purpose & scope of your purchasing.

6. Ownership Liability

You can not claim the ownership of any extensions, plugins, or themes by modifying it. These are the property of respective owners with copyright. The rights to the intellectual products cannot be claimed exclusively by the recipient, modified/unmodified.

7. Warranty

Supreme Plugins does not make any warranties or representation as to its accuracy or reliability. Therefore, we don’t guarantee that themes/extensions will be accepted across different browsers, nor do we expect that all our active themes to be fully functional with all WordPress versions. We don’t guarantee effectiveness among any Third-party plug-ins, apps or scripts!

8. Product Portfolio Updates

Only existing clients who own their active license are eligible to access the product updates. All web templates are meant to be suitable for current WordPress versions, still we cannot guarantee; as older themes might break in most recent WordPress versions. However, we aren’t resting on our laurels & are committed to becoming an ‘Excellent’ force & providing the best possible service in order to convert all themes suitable for new WordPress versions.

9. Make required modifications

You’re authorized to take any steps to make necessary changes towards our ‘services’ that meet your specific set of requirements. Our website credit links can be removed on condition of all downloaded themes still viewed the copyright from your Inspiration WordPress themes, & all utilized documents should retain individual licenses!

10. Digital payment method

You can choose paypal, credit card, debit card or cryptocurrencies for payment.

Once your payment is being successfully processed, product-related information to be soon mailed to your email id. It’s a ‘1-hour process’ but usually completes within 3-to-5 minutes. If you don’t get Email-notification within this stipulated time period, immediately reach us through our site address. Our team will try to get back to you within 12 hours

Moreover, instantly after purchase, all products can be immediately accessed on the reserved area of our site.

You may discontinue/suspend our website or terminate your use: We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily/permanently or the Service (or any essential or integral part thereof) with/without notice. Furthermore, all product prices are provisional at any time without notice as well as based upon applicability of agreements conferring sales jurisdiction herein.

11. Copyright Info to Photos

We don’t offer picture packages. Supreme Plugins have the copyright all the images on the website. You can use it for learning purposes but you can not modify and resell it.